Thursday, August 27, 2020

Horne Lake Paddle Report - August 25

 We started the paddle at Horne Lake under blue skies and calm waters. 16 kayaks and 18 paddlers made their way heading south of the boat launch, 


Sunday, August 16, 2020

Cedar to DeCourcy Island Paddle Report - August 11

 The weather cooperated – the sun shone at times, winds were light and 17 PGOSA paddlers experienced the magic of a new location and some gorgeous rock formations as well as some beautiful scenery.  This was a paddle to remember and do again next summer so more can enjoy the experience.

 Two downers were hiking back up the steep boat ramp to get to vehicles so people could load their kayaks and the swarming wasps at the tombolo beach where we stopped for a quick lunch.  I do mean quick as the wasps drove us back to our boats or to stand in the water as they came after us and the food we brought.

 The excursion started at the Cedar Boat launch just south of Nanaimo.


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Comox Lake Paddle Report - July 28, 2020

17 PGOSA Paddlers and 1 Spaniel met at the Comox Lake Boat Launch near Cumberland.

After the pre-trip meeting on land we headed out in 12 kayaks and 2 canoes under cloudy conditions with calm waters for paddling. 

We started paddling in a counter clockwise direction and first saw some cottages and homes on the shore of the lake. One home did not appear to be in good shape and looked like it was about to slide into the lake. We then encountered the first of many deadheaded logs which were left when the lake was flooded many decades ago.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

SLO-MO Paddlers - PGOSA Nanaimo Paddle – July14, 2020 by Walter

A total of eighteen adventurous paddlers and fifteen kayaks, launched from the Nanaimo Brechin Boat Ramp, 10:00 am sharp, with the goal to circumnavigate Newcastle Island and explore the Nanaimo Inner Harbour.

Weather conditions favourable, the group headed north towards Departure Bay, exploring some of the coves along the way.  Turning the corner to head east we could see the Departure Bay Ferry Terminal ahead.  

Friday, July 3, 2020

Ladysmith Paddle Report - June 30 by Gert

             Ladysmith Harbour Paddle - the 30th of June 2020

In attendance were 19 Slo-Mo Paddlers with 17 boats of which 15 were kayaks and 2 were canoes.
Practicing Safe Distancing at the Pre-Launch Meeting

Getting Ready to Launch

The weather forecast called for possible showers and relative high wind gusts, but it did not materialize and became nice with clouds in the morning and sunny breaks in the afternoon with moderate to light winds. The wind at the beginning of the paddle was Northwesterly. We started paddling Northwest into the inlet along the southern coastline of Ladysmith Harbour past a couple of sawmills and Ladysmith Marina. On top of one of the sawmill’s “conveyer belt tower” was an osprey nest with young birds. 

49th Parallel Marker

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Notes from Here and There

News from Here and There – June 2020

If you are wanting to use one source for weather forecasts for your kayaking outings, consider using this free resource. It is a very accurate tool for determining upcoming weather conditions (air temperature, wind direction and speed, cloud cover, water conditions plus other features) at any water borne location in the world. It provides forecasts up to 10 days in advance and has a very easy-to-use interface. I can personally attest to its accuracy from two different experiences.

On Slo-Mo’s first paddle of the season at Sproat Lake, I was trying to determine what the weather conditions would be like on the day of the paddle.’s forecast was very accurate and assured us that the day would be sunny for most of the day with some light winds part way through the day. is available as an App for both IOS (Apple) and Android

Friday, June 19, 2020

Sproat Lake Paddle - June 16, 2020 by Bob and Elaine

Seven kayaks and one canoe: (9) paddlers set off from the launching area at the Sproat Lake Provincial Park at 10AM

and soon arrived at the famous petroglyphs along the shoreline. It was a challenge to name the types of carvings depicted in the rock wall.

Continuing along the shore, past the Sproat River outlet, we passed many residences of various types and sizes. Most of the houses have docks and we saw many boats, canoes, kayaks and sea doos. Apparently the weekend is full of water skiers, paddlers and other water activities. Saw a Merganser hen with about 8 or 9 little ones following closely behind.